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Who needs it

Business owners who want the right coverage for a more secure tomorrow

  • Businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, and any particular industry
  • Any business that handles sensitive information, such as personal data or banking details
  • Businesses that rely handle large amounts of data
  • Businesses that rely heavily on technology for their operations, such as those that use cloud computing, e-commerce platforms, or mobile applications
What's Covered

Cyber liability insurance covers the financial losses and expenses that businesses may face due to a cyber attack or data breach. There are two types of coverages that cyber liability insurance provides:

First-party coverages:

These coverages protect your interests, such as:

  • Notification and crisis management expenses: the cost of informing affected parties of a data breach or cyber attack, as well as hiring public relations consultants to manage the fallout of the incident.
  • Cyber extortion expenses: the expenses related to a cyber extortion threat, like a ransomware attack, including paying ransom, costs to negotiate with cybercriminals, and expenses to respond to the threat.
  • Forensic investigation and data restoration expenses: the cost of investigating the cause of a data breach or cyber attack, and costs to recover or restore lost or damaged data.
  • Business interruption losses: the loss of income or extra expenses incurred as a result of a cyber attack or data breach that disrupts business operations.
  • Data loss or destruction: the losses due to the destruction, corruption, or theft of electronic data, and the cost to recover or replace lost data.

Third-party coverages:

These coverages protect your organization against claims made by third parties, such as:

  • Privacy and network security liability: covers the costs of defending against claims by third parties for damages arising out of a breach of personal or confidential information.
  • Regulatory defense and penalties: covers the costs of defending against regulatory actions and paying any fines or penalties that result from a data breach or cyber attack.
  • Media liability: covers claims arising out of the publication of content on a company’s website, like copyright infringement, defamation, or invasion of privacy.
  • Network security liability: covers claims arising from a failure to prevent unauthorized access or damage to another party’s network.
  • Electronic media liability: covers claims arising from the transmission of a computer virus or other harmful code that damages another party’s computer system.

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